Institute for Sacred Evolution
Rev. Dorita Dixon
The Upliftment of Fallen Humanity


Institute for Sacred Evolution

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Spiritually Enlightening Humanity

Serving Those From All Walks of Life

Services Every Sunday @ 11:00 am

As we enter the new millennium, we leave much of the old behind, which no longer serves our spiritual progress. The new will surpass the old far beyond our imagination. The Institute for Sacred Evolution (ISE) comes at an opportune time to uplift and assist humanity out of its latency to one of activity and creativity. Now is the time.

People are restlessly seeking something that will inspire and move them to aspire to greater understanding of who and what they truly are. We, at The Institute for Sacred Evolution (ISE), will serve as that portal through which new energy may flow—providing the world with the tools to prosper spiritually. That which our society has attempted to cloak and conceal must now be revealed. For that which society has so desperately tried to hide is the elixir needed to release humanity from bondage that will, finally, set us free.


The Institute for Sacred Evolution (ISE), a group of spiritual people, springs forth to work, dispense information and serve as a catalyst to impact the evolution of our consciousness. It is our desire and challenge to provide the masses with the original map that will guide and direct humanity back to its Divinity . . . a map that puts one on the path . . . to journey home.

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Services We Provide:
Weddings • Funerals • Baptisms • Spiritual Healing •Marriage Counseling • Hypnotherapy
Meditation • Reiki • Grief Counseling • Anger Management Quantum Health & Healing


Mission Statement
focuses on uplifting and assisting humanity out of its latency to one of activity and creativity, through research, education, and spiritual training.

The purpose of ISE is to help raise the consciousness of humanity. ISE seeks to provide esoteric teachings to all seekers drawn to the path of spiritual development. ISE desires to create a deeper level of spiritual thought and awareness. Remember, if you continue to do what you're doing, you will continue to get what you're getting.

ISE's teachings and activities are offered to anyone, regardless of one's social, religious, racial, or political background. The teachings do not expound on fixed dogmas. Rather, they respect all personal and religious beliefs. ISE offers seeds for spiritual awareness; however, it is the responsibility of the individual to nurture the seed so that it germinates and blossoms, reaching its full potential.


Achieve spiritual enlightenment and development from our Washington, DC, group of spiritual people offering wedding, funeral, and spiritual healing services as well as an education curriculum.


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.